Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thomas Seest (ed), Leporello #1 - 11, Lamgbortistan: Copenhagen, Denmark, 2005 [slipcase by Lina Bjorn]

This interesting project brought together 11 artists drawn from the Danish literary and artistic scenes who created a similar number of these small accordion books. 

The artists who collaborated on this project are: Thomas Seest, Jan Danebod, Mats Eriksson, Lina Bjorn, Jakob Wegener, David Bellingham, Janne Hoem, Ebbe Stub, Cecilie Gravesen, Emil Salto and Miriam Nielsen. 

As can be expected there is a huge variety in how each artist approached the unique space of an accordion. It is precisely this variety that gives this 'value pack accordion box' its appeal!

Individual book: 10 pages at 4" x 3", fully extended 3ft.

David Bellingham, Leporello #5,
Sections (through apertures in branches and leaves)

Cecilie Nusselein Gravesen, Leporello #8, Sailors Piano

Jakob Wegener, Leporello #7, side 1

Jakob Wegener, Leporello #7, side 2

Janne Hoem, Leporello #10, side 1

Janne Hoem, Leporello #10, side 2

Lina Bjorn, Leporello #1

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