Monday, January 5, 2015

Sarah Robbins, The King is Dead, 2012

A 2 layer screen printed double-sided accordion. The title is an homage to The Decemberists' album of the same name. There is also some evidence that this title itself may be an homage to The Smiths 1986 album the Queen is Dead. The album reached #1 on the US Billboard 200 in February, 2011. [credits wikipedia]

I think of this 'book' as more of a long print that's been folded into the accordion style. The print stretches out to reveal a panoramic image that is at once sophisticated, humorous and naive. On the back there is sparse imagery but what is there spells out the title of the work coupled with a caricature of a king. All in all a curiously appealing piece with an extra tactile element being the good paper its printed on.

Sixteen pages, each 8.5" (h) by 6" (w), extended 4'.

Sury, Caroline, Sex Tonic Avec Animaux, Collection Sandwich #1, Marseille: Le Dernier Cri, 1996 (150 copies)

Another incomparable publication by the French artist/illustrator Caroline Sury who with her partner Pakito Bolino run the cool publishing house Le Dernier Cri. This publication is part of that project and from a series of accordion publications they did under the 'Sandwich' series. In this double-sided accordion Sury illustrates a slurry of taboo imagery and sexual activity in which animals, for the most part, serve as voyeurs of the unfolding activities. For more information about Le Dernier Cri:

Fourteen double-sided pages at 4 5/8" (h) by 4 6/8" (w), fully open 2' 9 2/8".