Sunday, April 17, 2011

George Maciunas, Expanded Arts Diagram, nd

George Maciunas, Fluxus' obsessive impresario was constantly drawing up plans for different projects, one diagram was a map that showed the different artists, movements and media that constituted the expanded arts of the late '50s to the mid-60s.

R. Clarke-Davis, A Grand Day Out, circa 2008

Eighteen black & white photographs make up this urbanesque derive with final photo of female companion.  3" (H) 4' 2" (L)

Sir John Soane's Museum, The Leporello Card, London, nd

An accordion that attempts to reconstruct the incredible interior of Sir John Soane's home-based museum in London.  8" H: 24" W. 
While you're not actually allowed to take photos in the museum I did manage to take a couple of snaps on one of my visits. It's an incredible place and really worth the visit and it also has a really great selection of paintings by Canaletto that are set amongst all the architectural artifacts that are spread all over the house.

James Jean, Rift, San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2010

A beautifully printed two-sided accordion by this award-winning illustrator. The color side incorporates two distinct stories interspersed across the book's 16 pages. Reproduced on the reverse is the preparatory drawing for the front. 6" H: 4' 6" L.

Sam Durant, 7 Signs; removed, cropped, enlarged and illuminated (plus index), Matrix 147, exhibition brochure, Berkeley Art Museum, 2002

Accordion gallery or exhibition catalogue? One side reproduces 7 of Durant's works, and the reverse has exhibition checklist and essay. 8." H: 3' 3" L. 

Sampling/Christian Marclay, SF Museum of Modern Art, 2002, exhibition card

An exhibition brochure with checklist, and brief essay about the four-channel video projection, "Video Quartet," that had been commissioned for this exhibition. 5.5" H: 26" L.

In the Spirit of Fluxus, Walker Art Center, 1993, exhibition card

Publicity for "In The Spirit of Fluxus," a large exhibition of Fluxus works at the Walker Art Center, Feb-June, 1993.  The text is from a history of Fluxus by one of its participants, Dick Higgins (1938-98). 5" H: 21" L.

Erica Van Horn, Italian Lesson Italian Lesson No. 13: Identificazione, Coracle Press, England, 1994

This double accordion publication opens up to form two hands, each of the 10 pages have original finger & thumb prints and underneath are the names of each finger in Italian.  3.25" (h) and 20" (w).