Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wellington Sun, Psycho Killers and R.I.P., no dates

Two dark little accordions taken up with celebrity and fame of two quite distinctive types. Single pages 3.25" x 2". Fully extended—Psycho Killers: 15.5" and R.I.P. 11.75"

On this back of this accordion book are the names and grisly statistics of each of these celluloid psycho-killers. 

Alexandra Beguez, Alien Raver, Tea Party, 2013 [ed. 36]

"Alien Raver", Beguez's alter ego, sits at the end of the table in this mad hatter's tea party accompanied by the March Hare and Sleepy the Dormouse. Each page 3x3" and fully extended 1ft 6".

Alexandra Beguez, Alien Raver: Mushrooms, screen print, 2013 [ed. 36]

Alexandra Beguez's alter ego, Alien Raver, consumes Caterpillar magical mushrooms, and "One side will make your grow taller, and the other side will make you grow shorter." Pages 3x3" and fully extended 1ft 6".

Kim Sielbeck, Dive, screen print, 2012

A curious little screenprint accordion depicting a slightly menacing underwater world, with a cool Ruschaesque "DIVE" on the reverse. 6 pages at 3.25 x 3.25" per page and fully extended 19.75"