Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Andy Bolus, Zven Balslev and Pakito Bolino, Crypt of Sados, 5 accordions, screenprint, Le Dernier Cri: Marseilles, 2019, ed. 150

This incredible book arrived with Tetsunori Tawaray's book (see below on this blog) and it just took my breath away. The book is comprised of silkscreened covers and flaps, and then spilling out of the book are 6 incredible accordions. I'm still absorbing all this wonderfully crazy, weird and out of this world stuff! I haven't been able to find a definition of 'sados' but assume it has something to do with sadomaochism, or some variant thereof. But either way, it's a wonderful mash-up between these 3 accomplished artists, and congratulations to the Le Dernier Cri crew for bringing two such wonderful artists' accordion publications into the world, bravo! 

Individual accordions, 12 pages each, 8"(h) by 5.5"(w) and opened up 2ft 9.5".

#1 front
#1 back
#2 front

#2 back
#3 front
#3 back
#4 front
#4 back
#5 front 
#5 back

#6 front
#6 back

covers and inside flaps opened up

Heather Benjamin, The Collapsing Woman, self-published, 2017, ed. 1000

I only recently discovered the powerful work of Heather Benjamin. This 20 page booklet is no exception with a wonderful series of her outré drawings that are both sexy, disturbing and totally unique. This publication also includes a cool accordion fold-out and as such it deserves a place in this blog! For more info about Heather and her work:

20 pages, 7.5"(h) and various widths but approx 4.5", when folded out 16".

Tetsunori Tawaraya, Too nice junk, 3 accordions, 13 color screenprint, Le Dernier Cri: Marseilles, 2019, ed. 200

When this book arrived in the mail and I opened it up, it was like something exploded in my hands, and I'm still feeling the after effects today — it's just so wild, weird, crazy, pyschedelic and wonderful! The book consists of the covers with flaps and nestled inside are 3 separate accordions. 

Tetsunori lives in Japan and in the late 90s he started drawing portraits of people and musicians in San Diego, CA. In 2002 he formed the Tokyo-based noise rock duo 2up. Apparently he's been on a roll ever since then. For more information about Tetsunori go to:

Individual accordions: 12 pages, 8.5"(h) and 6"(w), when opened 2ft 11inches. 

#1 Front

#1 Back
#2 Front

#2 Back

#3 Front
#3 Back
Cover opened up with inside flaps