Thursday, June 20, 2019

Mario Leon, 1:1 11:1, Kitschic Ediciones: Gràfiques Cuscó, Barcelona, 2014

Not only is this an accordion book, but it includes within itself the instructions for its transformation into something quite different! I'll let Kitschic Ediciones explain exactly what this intriquing book is all about:

"1:1 11:1" is an accordion book that displays 12 drawings, previous sketches for ceramic jars - jars that were never baked. One side displays the drawings at 1:1 scale. The other side shows the same drawings enlarged at 11:1 scale. By following the instructions found at the end of the accordion, you will be able to make your own (paper) jar.

14 pages, 11" (h) x 5.25" (w), when opened 6ft 1.5".

the instructions for how to cut the book up are detailed 
at the end of the book, with the cut outlines lightly printed 
next to the the images on the back of the publication 

 back of the publication

 the following images from the publishers' website illustrates the cutting of the shapes and the final product!

the final product!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Echoes Series, Wild Hawthorn Press: Little Sparta, Scotland, 1994

I don't pretend to know what's happening in this accordion by the incorrigible Scottish poet Ian Hamilton Finlay. With this piece he takes up one of his persistent themes — the post-revolutionary period in France and the Jacobins, one of the more radical groups formed in this period, and who were responsible for the Reign of Terror from 1793-94.

The first quote is from Guillaume Apollinaire, the second by Finlay himself and the third by the distinguished art historian Stephen Bann, a friend who has written and lectured extensively about Finlay's fascinating and complex works.

4 pages, one-sided, individual pages 5.25"(h) x 4"(w), when opened 16".

back pages

Igor Hofbauer, Grrad, Strane Edizioni: Seripola, Italy, 2015, ed. 300

I have no idea what the title of this accordion means. Igor Hofbauer is from Zabreb, Croatia and studied in that city's Academy of Fine Arts. Known as an illustrator and designer of many music posters for the Zagreb club Mo?vara, he more recently has been experimenting with comics. This accordion features one side with a long and wonderful panoramic image that depicts a post-apocalyptic urban landscape, and on the reverse is a series of images that reveal none of the power of the image overleaf. 

12 pages, double-sided, individual pages 9.5" (h) x 6.25 (w) and when fully opened 6ft 3".

 reverse side 

back cover

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Francoise Lison-Leroy, Collette Nys-Mazure (texts) and Camille Chevrillon (drawing), Encore un quart d'heure [Another quarter of an hour], Esperluete Editions: Noville-sur-Mehaigne, Belqium, 2012, reprinted 2016

This is an absolutely adorable accordion that takes as its theme the often heard plea from young children begging their parents to let them have "another quarter of an hour" to play!  Each page imagines a different, and often humorous activity that could be done in this short space of time. But it's the beautiful pencil drawing by Camille Chervrillon that really captivates and charms, as it weaves higgledy-piggledy throughout the length of this almost 11ft accordion book. I can well understand why this version is a reprint of the 2012 original, since many people must have fallen under its wonderful spell!

29 pages, single-sided, each page 6.5" (h) x 4.5" (w), and when fully open 10ft 10.5".  Available from:

front and back covers

Ben Sanair, Going to Japan, La General Minerale: Avignon, France, 2018

This is a really fun 2-color screen printed accordion in which Ben Sanair documents, in words and images, a trip to Japan he made at the end of 2017. While in Tokyo, Sanair attends the opening of a show of his art work at the legendary bookstore Taco Ché, as well as playing a gig with the experimental Japanese band, Kuro Pipe. This accordion really communicates Sanair's excitement at being in this new country as he records his encounters with the unique features of Japanese culture.  

Ben Sanair is based in Avignon, France, where with his partner, Julie Big, they run a cool print studio called La Generale Minerale [] - check it out!

Each page 5.5" (h) x 3.5" (w), 36 pages one-sided, when fully opened 10' 6".

end page