Tuesday, October 29, 2019

NY Art Book Fair, Sept., 20-22, Moma PS1, 2019

It was hot, it was crowded but there was lots of great stuff, including an elaborate installation of Le Dernier Cri's poster works and their books.  I walked away with a bunch of artists' accordions as well.

art-blogarte, Leandro Katz (2018), Diego Melero (2017/18), Alberto Mendez (2018), Carla Ray (2017) and Alejandro Thornton (2017), Argentina

I was at the 2019 New York Art Book Fair the other month and came across this one table which had a bunch of really cool accordions, and of course I snapped them up for the blog.

I'd never heard of this organization from Argentina before, but on their web-site they state that:

The civil association arte-blogarte is a non-profit entity with legal status since 2009. We embrace the idea that art is as attractive and captivating as it is deeply useful and necessary. We seek in the creators the material of our continuous improvement. Our main interest is the ideas and the ways in which they crystallize in the culture of our time.

On their table were the following series of accordions by a group of well established experimental Argentinian artists. All the accordions have a uniform length of 39 1/4" with individual pages 5 3/4" high and 4" in length. All appear to have been screenprinted. 

It's a fascinating grouping of works all of which are exploring the intersection of language, visuality, performativity, and the political in a variety of really interesting ways. 

Leandro Katz (b. 1938)

 10 pages, one-sided, unbound, signed, 2018, ed. 40

Diego Melero (b. 1960)

8 pages, one-sided with attached covers, signed, 2017/18, 
ed. 40

Alberto Mendez (b. 1966)

10 pages, double-sided with loose boards, signed, 2018, ed. 40.

Carla Rey

8 pages, one-sided with attached covers, signed, 2017, ed. P/9.

Alejandro Thornton (b. 1970)

10 pages, one-sided with loose boards, signed, 2017, ed. 40.

Hunt, Clifford and Stephen Perkins, Copy 9, mixed media, 2019

Another work where I sent Clifford an accordion and he sends it back to me with his additions. See next entry for a new accordion by Clifford himself.

4 double-sided pages, single page 9"(h) x 7.25" (w), when fully opened 2ft 4.5".