Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sampler Italiano, Darden Concepts, 2011

Liberated from Olive Garden restaurant, Green Bay, Wisconsin, June 16th, 2011. 10" (H)  16.5" (L)

Julia Rothman, Jenny Volvovski & Matt Lamothe, The Exquisite Book, San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2010

I was in San Francisco last week and quite by chance I come across this remarkable accordion book at Green Apple Books on Clement Street. Utilizing the Surrealist game of 'Exquisite Corpse' the editors invited 100 illustrators to contribute one page to this project. The artists were placed in 10 groups with the first artist in each group being given an open-ended phrase with which to start each section. The final book contains 10 double-sided accordions (!) that are made up of 10 artworks and 2 pages that contain the phrase for each accordion.

This is a really wonderful publication that I'm sure created all kinds of headaches & challenges for the printers & binders — but it's a gem. The images are first class and they come together to create some smart and unexpected juxtapositions. The book also includes short interviews with a number of the artists, as well as biographical information for them all. Aside from the 2 publications from La Dernier Cri (France) documented earlier in this blog, this book stands out as one of the most technically innovative accordion publications that I've come across! If you only buy one accordion this year, make it this one - you won't be disappointed. Each individual accordion is 9" (H) 3.75' (L)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Art: From Prehistoric Art to Modernism (Flipguide), 2001, DuMont Buchverlag, Koln

The accordion format is ideally suited to displaying large amounts of information in a sequential and chronological format. This accordion catalogues art works made over the last 35,000 years. 12" (H) 67.50" (W)

Map & Guide to Powell's City of Books, nd, Powell's Books, Portland

A faux old style guide to Powell's bookstore in Portland, Oregon, USA. This accordion catalogue displays the location of different subject areas and where in the store they can be found. Also includes potted history of the bookstore whose first store was opened by Michael Powell in Chicago in 1971.  7.25" (H) 36" (W)

Hamish Fulton, Ajawaan, Art Metropole, Canada, 1987

Brit walk artist Hamish Fulton estimates that since 1969 he has made walks in 26 countries. This publication is the documentation of an 8-day walk in Central Saskatchewan, Canada, by way of Lake Ajawaan in August, 1985.  Superimposed on the panoramic image of the lake are columns of four letter words related to the natural environment. 7.5" (H) 52.25" (W)  Fulton has a very rich website at: Hamish Fulton : Walking Artist 

Richard Meade (USA) & Jurgen Olbrich (Germany), Los Angeles Photo-Copy-Strip, 1985, photocopy

A cool collaborative photocopy work by these two longtime networkers, publishers and artists. Edition of 17, singed. 8.5" (H) 32.5" (W)

Carlos Pileggi, Pulga: Parque Vitória, 2010, photocopy, Sao Paulo, Brazil

About this 2-sided accordion the artist says, "Pulga Parque Vitória is a compilation of notes and drawings that were made in the past four years at my grandparent’s house. It deals with the passage of time, preservation of memory and the sentimental value that a simple household object can build or gather throughout time.”  6" (H) 59.5" (W) For images of other zines and books by Pileggi see: zines - a set on Flickr

Kurt Ryslavy, Hambourgeois, screen print, Brussels, 1988

Kurt Reslavy was born in Austria in 1961 and now lives in Belgium. This 2-sided accordion mixes text and image in a cool expressionist swirl. For more info about this painter and conceptual artist see: Kurt Ryslavy  10.25" (H) 27.5" (W)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lewis Koch, Double Caution Totem (Book One), Nexus Press, Atlanta, 1993

Presented in a smart slipcase, this contemporary totem is an assemblage of photographs of natural and man-made structures from the urban environment. This is one of a series of three books, all of which comprise smaller versions of the original wall-mounted photographic works. Each original assemblage was made in an edition of 8 and was 108" (H) x 19" (W). This publication is 42" (H) x 8" (W) For further photographs by Koch:

Addenda: when Lewis came over a couple of months ago to attend an opening in my home-based gallery, Subspace, it was dark when he tried to enter my back door, he managed to walk into the screen door and wreck it!  No big deal, but he must have been feeling guilty about it, and knowing that I had posted Book One of the trilogy on my blog, he gave me the other two as compensation. I was very happy about that!  The two publications are below titled "Surplus Koan Totem: Book Two," and "Slender Thread Totem: Book Three," 1993.

Saul Steinberg, The Line, 1954/2011, The Saul Steinberg Foundation, New York

This simple accordion is taken up with Steinberg's meandering line/drawing that branches off from a central line that runs the entire publication. The original drawing (see above) was designed and incised on a wall in the Children's Labyrinth that was constructed for the 10th Triennial of Milan in 1954. Long known for his drawings in the New Yorker and his own peculiar brand of landscapes, this publication is pure and undiluted Steinberg — with humorous attention paid to the front and back covers. 10" (H) 18' 3/4" (L) 
Front page 

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