Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lewis Koch, Double Caution Totem (Book One), Nexus Press, Atlanta, 1993

Presented in a smart slipcase, this contemporary totem is an assemblage of photographs of natural and man-made structures from the urban environment. This is one of a series of three books, all of which comprise smaller versions of the original wall-mounted photographic works. Each original assemblage was made in an edition of 8 and was 108" (H) x 19" (W). This publication is 42" (H) x 8" (W) For further photographs by Koch: Lewis Koch · Touchless Automatic Wonder

Saul Steinberg, The Line, 1954/2011, The Saul Steinberg Foundation, New York

This simple accordion is taken up with Steinberg's meandering line/drawing that branches off from a central line that runs the entire publication. The original drawing (see above) was designed and incised on a wall in the Children's Labyrinth that was constructed for the 10th Triennial of Milan in 1954. Long known for his drawings in the New Yorker and his own peculiar brand of landscapes, this publication is pure and undiluted Steinberg — with humorous attention paid to the front and back covers. 10" (H) 18' 3/4" (L) 
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