Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Paula Kemper, Toni, Zurich: Nimbus. Kunst und Bucher AG, 2012

A nice pocket-sized accordion by this young German artist and illustrator. The tale being told is certainly an enigmatic one with its central characters being a man, a woman and a bear. The characters wander across the pages in and out of different situations. Either way this is a really smart work that takes full advantage of the characteristics of the accordion format.

19 pages at 3.75" x 4", and fully extended 6ft 4".

Friday, July 8, 2016

La Jicara (The Gourd), #8, 1999, Chiapas, Mexico

I just came across another copy of this fantastic magazine created by indigenous Mayan women in San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico to promote Mayan culture. La Jicara's format, and this one is an atypical vertical accordion, embodies both pride, and resistance as it's modeled on the codices created by the women's Mayan ancestors that were all but destroyed by the Conquistadors and priests during the Spanish conquest. This periodical is only one of a number of publications produced by Taller Lenateros (The Woodlander's Workshop) which was founded in 1975 by an expatriate American, Ambar Past to promote Amerindian culture. The full range of their beautiful artists' books, prints and other publications can be seen, and purchased at: Taller leƱateros - papel hecho a mano.

I'm uncertain as to whether La Jicara is still being published but their current catalogue lists #8 (1998). In the summer of 2003 in Oaxaca I had the memorable experience of finding an almost complete set in the public art library near the main church. Silk-screened cover with 16 pages at 8.75" x 5.5", fully extended 11ft 4".

Friday, July 1, 2016

Tanya Modlin, Hotel Rompo, Chicago: Perfectly Acceptable Press, 2016

A fun Risograph accordion print by this Chicago-based independent comics artist and illustrator that depicts a wacky hotel with all sorts of different and strange activities taking place in a variety of rooms throughout and perpetrated by a retinue of wonderful human and non-human characters. In addition to the screen printed sleeve, on the back are some comics panels by Modlin as well.

6 pages, double-sided 10" x 5.25", and extended 2ft 7.5".  Available from this new Risograph publisher Perfectly Acceptable Press (www.perfectly-acceptable.com).