Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Golden Cosmos (Daniel Dolz and Doris Freigofas), Locomotion, London: Nobrow, 2016

Another smartly designed book in the Nobrow leporello series with this publication put together by the Berlin-based couple and illustration duo Dolz and Freigofas.

10 pages double-sided, individual 9.25" x 5.5", fully extended 4' 7".

Monday, February 27, 2017

Sanna Mander (illustrator), History of Women's Fashion, Somerville, Big Picture Press, 2015

This is a fun oversize children's book with great illustrations of "...more than one hundred women's outfits, accessories, and shoes that define each decade of the last century." The back has further information about the clothing and accessories. Printed on nice thick paper that gives the book a sturdy feel.

8 pages at 12 3/8" x 9 7/8", fully extended 6' 1/2". 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jen Tong, Bloom, screenprint, 2016 [ed. 125]

This beautiful accordion is made up of two double-sided silkscreen prints that are joined in the middle of one of the pair. The combination of the two accordions creates three different viewing options, two of which reveal the central figure of the young girl in assorted locations within her plant world. The small size, and the otherworldly feeling that Tong creates with her sensitive illustrations all mesh perfectly in this palm-sized accordion. 

Jen Tong is an illustrator, print maker, comics and zine maker and lives in Brooklyn, check her out at: welcome

Individual pages 3" x 2.5", fully extended in its longest position 2' 3.5"

Erika Rier, 1987 Illustrated, 2014

A cute little accordion that illustrates a series of important memories from 1987 when Erika Rier was 10 years old, and indeed there were some pretty key things that happened during that year!  In her note that accompanied the purchase of this book she thanked me for the order and wrote "I'm always especially excited when people order zines since they are my favorite thing to make."

8 pages double-sided, individual page 4.25" x 4", fully extended 3' 4".