Thursday, June 20, 2019

Mario Leon, 1:1 11:1, Kitschic Ediciones: Gràfiques Cuscó, Barcelona, 2014

Not only is this an accordion book, but it includes within itself the instructions for its transformation into something quite different! I'll let Kitschic Ediciones explain exactly what this intriquing book is all about:

"1:1 11:1" is an accordion book that displays 12 drawings, previous sketches for ceramic jars - jars that were never baked. One side displays the drawings at 1:1 scale. The other side shows the same drawings enlarged at 11:1 scale. By following the instructions found at the end of the accordion, you will be able to make your own (paper) jar.

14 pages, 11" (h) x 5.25" (w), when opened 6ft 1.5".

the instructions for how to cut the book up are detailed 
at the end of the book, with the cut outlines lightly printed 
next to the the images on the back of the publication 

 back of the publication

 the following images from the publishers' website illustrates the cutting of the shapes and the final product!

the final product!

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