Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Andy Bolus, Zven Balslev and Pakito Bolino, Crypt of Sados, 6 accordions, screenprint, Le Dernier Cri: Marseilles, 2019, ed. 150

This incredible book arrived with Tetsunori Tawaray's book (see below on this blog) and it just took my breath away. The book is comprised of silkscreened covers and flaps, and then spilling out of the book are 6 incredible accordions. I'm still absorbing all this wonderfully crazy, weird and out of this world stuff! I haven't been able to find a definition of 'sados' but assume it has something to do with sadomaochism, or some variant thereof. But either way, it's a wonderful mash-up between these 3 accomplished artists, and congratulations to the Le Dernier Cri crew for bringing two such wonderful artists' accordion publications into the world, bravo! 

Individual accordions, 12 pages each, 8"(h) by 5.5"(w) and opened up 2ft 9.5".

#1 front
#1 back
#2 front
#2 back
#3 front
#3 back
#4 front
#4 back
#5 front 
#5 back
#6 front
#6 back
covers and inside flaps opened up

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