Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sir John Soane's Museum, The Leporello Card, London, nd

An accordion that attempts to reconstruct the incredible interior of Sir John Soane's home-based museum in London.  8" H: 24" W. 

While you're not actually allowed to take photos in the museum I did manage to take a couple of snaps on one of my visits. It's an incredible place and really worth the visit and, it also has a really great selection of paintings by Canaletto that are set amongst all the architectural artifacts that are spread all over the house.


  1. Years ago I bought a series of leporello cards…. I love them, where can I buy more …. Royal opera house etc.
    I have given all of them away, I miss them X Jan.

    1. sorry, no idea where you could get them i guess!!