Monday, January 5, 2015

Sury, Caroline, Sex Tonic Avec Animaux, Collection Sandwich #1, Marseille: Le Dernier Cri, 1996 (150 copies)

Another incomparable publication by the French artist/illustrator Caroline Sury who with her partner Pakito Bolino run the cool publishing house Le Dernier Cri. This publication is part of that project and from a series of accordion publications they did under the 'Sandwich' series. In this double-sided accordion Sury illustrates a slurry of taboo imagery and sexual activity in which animals, for the most part, serve as voyeurs of the unfolding activities. For more information about Le Dernier Cri:

Fourteen double-sided pages at 4 5/8" (h) by 4 6/8" (w), fully open 2' 9 2/8".

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