Thursday, April 28, 2016

Laura El-Tantawy, Post-Script, RRB Publishing: Bristol, UK, 2016. [edition 750]

"My Mother was hysterical.
'There are snipers on rooftops killing people.
They are targeting photographers. Don't come!'"

Fortunately for us Laura El-Tantawy did not take her mother's advice, and after a number of years living abroad working as a journalist and photographer, she felt compelled to go back 'home' to Egypt, to witness the revolution, to be there and participate in this incredible moment. On the books' inside covers she includes a very compelling text in which she details the journey home, what she saw and experienced in the streets, the brutality and the beauty, and what she found was profoundly moving and this publication is imbued with that charge. 

I too, know something of the incredible excitement that the revolution generated in the beginning, as myself and my Egyptian-born wife sat glued to the TV for weeks following each twist and turn as the revolution played itself out — truly remarkable and memorable days! 

El-Tantawy's expressionist photographic style works well with her writing style and the two blend perfectly in this little accordion that packs an oversized punch. However, I want the artist to have the final say about what she was felt she was doing in going out there, "I was working on my own, not representing any publication and without any influence outside my belief their story had to be told. "Who will hear our story? Who will get our dead children's rights back?" 

Double-sided, 16 pages at 6" x 4.25", extended 4ft 3". This book and others by El-Tantawy available here: LAURA EL-TANTAWY

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