Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bill Burns, Amazing Curators, Collectors and Museums of the World,, 2015

A smart accordion that mimicks the vacation booklets with their strips of souvenir postcards. Here the conceptual artist, Bill Burns uses this format to draw attention to something that he's really got his knickers-in-a-twist about and that's the incredible power and influence certain curators and collectors wield in the art world. He has even gone so far as to make little dolls of famous curators, and to name museums after famous curators and collectors. So, this arty adulation could be a savvy career move, but as to whether it achieves any results — well, this probably is better left to the art historians. On the other hand it could make him some enemies and that's a strategy that could also be useful to him as well. But first and foremost this work is a kind of conceptual joke and as with all conceptual jokes you never quite know whether you should take it seriously or just ignore it completely.

7 pages at 6.25" x 4", fully extended 2ft 4".

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