Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Teke Cocina and Aaron Krach, Bulges and Hunks, Brooklyn, New York, 2022, ed. 20

cover with wrap

A funky collaborative accordion by two artists who both trained and now teach at Parsons School of Design in New York. Two features of this accordion makes it interesting for me, firstly I rarely come across accordions created collaboratively and secondly there's a really rich combination of media that went into its creation with Krach describing using "...screen-printing, spray-paint and stencils, Citrisolve prints, stickers, sewing, collage, rubbing and rubber stamps."

Accompanying this accordion's sales listing on the Printed Matter website is the following quote from Krach that explains something of the occasion and process behind the creation of this accordion:

"Overlapping interests. That's a good way of describing how teke and I have remained friends. Books and printmaking are two key elements in the Venn diagram of our artistic and personal interests. This is our first official collaboration. We each took folios of pages home to apply our own "first layer." Then we met and traded, and added another layer on top. The results surprised us; some pages obviously complimentary and others our work more assertively fights for top-billing. Except no one loses. Respect and mutual admiration (for each other) and for styles and artists, writers and mediums delivers a unique book that tells a story of us, now. A wonderful collaboration..."

I'd be interested to see the results of any further collaborations between these two artists!

12 double-sided pages, individually 6.5" x 4.5", and when fully open 4ft 6".

cover page

reverse side

back cover 

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