Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Anne Laval, La Vie En Rose Fluo (La Vita in Rose Fluo), Inuit Editions, Bologna, Italy, 2018

This is just a really beautiful accordion with wonderful illustrations all wrapped together with a sense of humor and wonder. Laval studied illustration at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, France and has the following to say about how this silkscreen book came about. 

"In May 2016 I went to Bologna for an artistic residency at the Botanical Garden, and for two weeks that was my atelier. I scattered crayons. I camped inside the dry tropical greenhouse and discovered a thousand different varieties of cacti. I crossed the city on a bike and I lived with a giant wardrobe. I tamed the three gardeners and I ate an ice cream every day. And most of all I did draw."

10 single-sided pages, individually 4" x 6.5" and when opened 5ft 5".

back cover with pink plastic band

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