Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Karlsson Rixon (photographs) & Mara Lee (text), Nakenakt (Nude), Art and Theory Publishing, Stockholm, Sweden, 2018

One side of this accordion book is a compelling series of photographs that feature the photographer standing nude, with another nude woman draped in various positions around her body. Rixon remains impassive throughout the series, while her partner assumes a variety of uncomfortable looking poses as she clings onto the artists' body. The reverse side of the accordion is taken up with a text by Mara Lee, and since it's all in Swedish, its meaning is unavailable to me.

In a publisher's note about this quietly understated artists' book they write: "The photographs depicts a series of interactions between two bodies. They are portraits of the artist captured in a particular phase in life a phase of intense questioning and reflecting on the body in relation to queerness, trans identity and aging. We are confronted with performative moments of playfulness, intimacy, and deadly seriousness in which one body carries, balances, handles or is invaded by another. Perhaps the two together form a single organism in constant change, a body that doesn't adhere to prevailing notions of what a body should look like and how it should act..."

13 double-sided pages, individually 5.5" x 7.75" and when fully open 8' 4.75".

below is the cover of reverse side of book with Mara Lee's text

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