Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Duncan Tonatiuh, Undocumented: A Worker's Fight, Abrams Books, 2018

front cover and slipcase

A beautifully drawn accordion done in Tonatiuh's unique Neo-Pre-Columbian style, this book tells the story of a group of undocumented workers and their, ultimately successful, organizing efforts at their place of work. This book was inspired by a Mixtec friend that Tonatiuh met at college in New York and it illustrates his journey from a small village in Mexico to his life as a busboy in New York City. This accordion is also a tribute to the long history of pre-Columbian codices that were all but destroyed by the Spanish invaders, and thus this book carries an undercurrent of resistance and, of a contemporary revival. 

Inspired by his research into Mixtec codices and artwork from the 15th century, Tonatiuh recounts that "I decided I was going to make a modern day codex of my friend's story. I've been drawing in a Pre-Columbian like style since."

Born in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, Tonatiuh has also spent time in the USA having studied at the Parsons School of Design and Eugene Lang College in New York City. He has also established an award winning career and has illustrated numerous books with a particular emphasis on books for children.

11 double-sided pages, individually 10.75" x 6.5" and when fully open 5' 11.5"

reverse side

back cover and slipcase

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