Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Pierre Marty, HH, Le Dernier Cri, Marseille, 2009, ed. 2000

front cover

This 10 color silkscreen book with its multi-flap folded pages, is not technically an accordion, but when the pages are opened up some of the same effects can be seen and experienced as when viewing a traditional accordion. At the heart of the accordion book lies the 'fold,' and Marty's book playfully exploits all the surprises and unexpected encounters that happen when this feature is incorporated into the making of a book.

On his blog, Marty describes how he "...draws in different forms, produces comic strips, practices publishing on a very small scale...compulsively superimposes blacks, whites, day and sometimes colors, forming dreamlike universes that echo reality. Often wind, intestinal breaths on plants, organic or abstract shapes like ideograms, amoebas on the cornea, hair on the tongue, shivers, spasms haunt or invade his images and his narrations. The comic strips he produces do not tell a story as such, they contain little or no text, drawings follow one another in an articulated way, forming a narrative, poetic and plastic grammar."  [°)°)°)°)°)°)°)°)°)°)°))) Pierre Marty]

Another wonderfully edgy book from Le Dernier Cri!

18 double-sided pages, individually 8.25" x 6".

back cover

front and back covers opened up

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