Tuesday, July 5, 2022

One-Sun (Mehdi Matin), Anti-Camera Amsterdam, Uranian Press, 2014

A curious little accordion that contains a number of One-Sun's mixed media works on canvas, in which he reworks photographs of Amsterdam buildings with his painterly interventions on the photograph. 

One-Sun is the current director of the Phalanstery, a protege of Mm. Read, painter, sculptor, printmaker, eco-builder, publisher of the new Uranian Press, martial artist and gardener.  For further information about the Phalanstery and its publishing activities, its founder Richard O. Tyler (1926-1983) and his work — keyword search "Phalanstery" on this blog.

6 pages double-sided, individual pages 5" x 3", and when fully open 1ft 6".

reverse side

back cover

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