Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Ellie Lobovits, Night Flowers, 2022

A rather interesting work by this artist based in Brooklyn. On her website she describes herself as a "visual artist, writer, and midwife-in-training. Ellie's practice spans diverse media, including photography, film, collage and text. Self-portraiture, imagery of the natural world, and first-person narratives are recurring elements in her exploration of the intersections of feminist identity, the body, land, loss, and memory. Interweaving autobiographical elements with current socio-cultural issues, she explores what occurs in the space of juxtaposition between the so-called private and public spheres." Check out her website at: about — Ellie Lobovits

6 double-sided pages, individually 7" x 5.75", and when fully open 2ft 9.5".

reverse side

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