Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Paola Bragado, The Mexicanas, Cuadernos de la Kursala no. 81, Kursala and Hydra/Inframundo, Cadiz and Mexico City, 2021

A visually rich and complex accordion that accompanied Bragado's exhibition/ installation of the same name at La Kursala, an exhibition space featuring emerging Spanish photographers in Madrid, Spain. Bragado is also a Madrid-based photographer and the subjects of these photographs are Mexican ficheras (hostesses) who dance with clients in nightlife venues. Each dance, drink or bottle consumed with their companions earn them a small amount of money. This profession dates back to the golden age of dancehalls, and still survives in some venues in Mexico City. 

There is a relaxed sense of collaboration between the photographer and the women, indeed Bragado also "...invites women acquaintances and friends to share poses and sessions with the hostesses. This play with the impurity of the documentary portrait also leads the artist to try other ways of constructing gesturality." [Paola Bragado. The Mexicans - PHotoESPAÑA]

The text below by Miguel Errazu is from an insert that comes with the accordion and is titled “Re-exposure.”

40 double-sided pages, individually 8" x 5.5", and when fully extended including covers 19' 3".

reverse side

back cover

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