Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Clifford Hunt, 3 Accordions: February 1st, 4th & 12th, 2021, self-published, Half Moon Bay, 2021

Three fascinating accordions created by my mate Clifford Hunt from Half Moon Bay, on the California coast. What I find fascinating about these delicate little accordions is that Clifford has managed to develop a totally original kind of accordion epistolary style and format, that I have not encountered anywhere else. Additionally, with only 2 folds, these works meet, for me at least, the minimum definition of what is an accordion. Bravo Clifford, and keep them coming!

All three works: 5" x 2.75", 3 pages double-sided, and when fully opened 8.5" long.





  1. what a nice term "accordion epistolary" perfect for these works by CH!

    1. yes, i thought it described perfectly this beautiful little works!