Friday, January 29, 2021

Marxeso, Nakladatelství Lidové noviny, Prague, 1990

Just discovered this fun accordion that was sent to me a long time ago by Rea Nikonova (1942-2014), a wonderful Russian artist, writer, poet and publisher, and one of the main theoreticians of the Transfuturist movement.

This publication comes out at the end of the cold war and is a humorous take on a popular game in Czechoslovakia called Pexeso. In this memory game you spread the cards out upside down, and the players have to memorize where the cards were in order to pick up the matching pairs.  So in this new updated version you had to pick pairs of these assorted 'marxists'!

One of the texts on the front of this card reads, "The west wins the cold war - who will win Marxeso".

6 pages double-sided, individual pages 8.5" (h) x 6.5" (w), and when fully open 3ft 3".

back cover

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