Monday, October 28, 2019

Alden Viguilla, Bestiary (nd), and It's Raining Cats and Dogs (nd)

Two quite different accordions by Viguilla that complement the 3 others that I have featured in this blog. The first one here, Bestiary, which Viguilla describes as "a collection of mythical beasts risographed in blue and gold," is a curious 2-sided accordion that displays the typical muted colors of the risograph process, coupled with Viguilla's simplified forms & features of the "beasts" showcased.

8 double-sided pages, individual 5" (h) x 4" (w), and when fully open 2' 6", edition of 100.


Viguilla describes his little accordion book as a "4-color mini silkscreen accordion book handprinted on Canson Edition printmaking paper and a 2-color chipboard cover." This is a fun book with a light touch and all of it nicely enhanced by the rich colors of the screenprinting process.

6 pages, individual pages 3 3/4" (h) x 3 (w), when fully open 18", edition of 30.

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