Monday, October 28, 2019

6dreams, editor Roger Omar, Valencia, Spain

This is a really beautiful and well thought out accordion project initiated in 2002 by Roger Omar, which combines a really sharp conceptual framework, matched with a fresh formal design and presentation. See a previous posting of 5 other works from this wonderful series.

At the present time there are approximately 38 accordions in this "6dreams" series, and the underlying structure and theme of the individual accordions is so simple and beautifully complete. Individual accordions are designed by different illustrators, and they are based on 6 dreams as described by children between the ages of 8-10 years, most of them from Mexico and Spain, and presented in both Spanish and English.

The format and size is the same for all of these 5 page double-sided accordions: individual pages 8.25" (h) x 7.75" (w), and when fully open they are 38.75".

For further information about this innovative project go to:

Title: Winter Handkerchief
Dreamers: Luli, Valencia, Spain
Illustrator: Mexer
Date: 2013

Title: The Greatest Gangster in the Galaxy
Dreamers: Children in Oliva, Valencia, Spain
Illustrator: Benjamin Courtault
Date: 2014

Title: Eternally
Dreamers: Dorett, Valencia, Spain
Illustrator: Lea Heinrich
Date: 2014

Title: Hamsters
Dreamers: Children in Villava, Navarra, Spain
Illustrator: Karoline Achilles
Date: 2015

Title: Childkiller Medicine
Dreamers: Ricardo Chavez, Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico
Illustrator: Marta Pina
Date: 2015

Title: Boy, What Happened?
Dreamers: Children in Havana, Cuba
Illustrator: Tim Peacock
Date: 2015

Title: Giant Chicken Wings
Dreamers: Children in Godella, Valencia, Spain
Illustrator: Carlos Ortin
Date: 2016

Title: White, Blue, Beige and Brown
Dreamers: Children of A Coruna, Galicia, Spain
Illustrator: Jano
Date: 2019

Title: Hongas Gigantes (Giant Fungus)
Dreamers:Navarra, Spain
Illustrator: Nicholas Stevenson
Date: 2019

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