Friday, May 24, 2019

Timothy Hyman, A Book of Emblems, London, 2009, ed. 300

An interesting accordion dedicated to the memory of the Indian artist Bhupen Khakhar (1932-2003), by this English artist and art historian. The book features 38 images by Hyman created over a five-year period, and the whole book has a really homey sketchbook feel. A friend and admirer of Khakha, the artists' work often addressed openly gay themes, and Hymen's works in this book reflects something of the artists' sexy and erotic works.

Khakhar was a self-taught artist who started painting later in life, and would go on to achieve an international reputation with works that addressed gender identity issues accompanied with references to Indian mythology and mythological themes.

It was interesting for me to discover that Khakhar also created at least 2 accordion books, please see below.

32 pages double-sided, 5.5"(h) by 3.5"(w), and when opened 9ft 7.5".


The following accordions were created by Khakhar

'Visit to Sri Lanka," 2003, Sarjan Art Foundation
'Untitled,' c. 1990, photo: Pablo Bartholomew

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