Friday, May 24, 2019

Amit Ambalal, Man ki..., Archer Art Gallery, Ahmedabad, India, 2013, ed. 500.

A really beautiful accordion that's printed on quality archival paper, and uses the panoramic qualities of the accordion format to its fullest advantage in reproducing these sketches by Ambalal of langoor monkeys.  One side features works in color and on the reverse the works are in pencil only. There's a wonderful sense of freedom in both the watercolor works and the drawings, and all of this coupled with a lively sense of movement as the monkeys careen across the pages of this unique accordion book.

Ambalal's title plays on the human-like features of the monkeys with a hint of their similarity to 'man,' and in Hindi the title pertains to that of the mind.

13 pages double-sided, individual 4.5"(h) by 5.75"(w), when opened 7ft 2.25".

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