Friday, September 27, 2013

Peter Strehle, Lost Stories, Edition Taube, Stuttgart, 2013, ed. 100.

A cool boxed set of 10 accordions of varying lengths created by Strehle from Polaroids that he purchased from Ebay and then reinscribed them with his own 'story' or thematic context. It's fascinating how little suggestion we need as viewers in order to read the 'stories' that Strehle sets up with his titles. This was one of the accordions I found from my recent visit to the New York Art Book fair. If you're into artists' books of all stripes I strongly suggest a visit to next year's fair. Dimensions for individual pages 4.25" x 3.5." Check out his site at: 
Edition Taube

"Candy Andy made the deal"

"Do you remember Terry?"

"Did she notice Something?"

"You know what to do..."


"What happened to Samantha?"

"George Fly"

"Last Night" 

"Mrs. O'Doglas"

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