Saturday, September 28, 2013

Daisuke Ichiba & Pakito Bolino, Kuso-Tare Badakito, La Dernier Cri, Marseilles, ed. 200, 2012

Another incredible publication from La Dernier Cri, this one is a collaboration between the Japanese artist Daisuke Ichiba and Dernier Cri co-founder Pakito Bolino. Ichiba's spindly drawings of young girls in all sorts of weird situations is a mash-up of manga with his own very individual style and is known as "Ero-Guru." Pakito's much bolder but no less uncompromising work serves as an interesting foil to Ichiba's drawing style. The book has a bunch of crazy accordion fold-outs just sprouting all over the place. Single page 8.25" x 6" For more books and prints from Dernier Cri go to: la dernier cri

Daisuke Ichiba pages.
Pakito Bolino pages.

Front and back of book and extended pages spread out.

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