Sunday, September 29, 2013

Diane Arbus, The Libraries, Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, 2004

This rather interesting hard cover panoramic accordion is presented in a slip case and documents some of the contents of Diane Arbus' library as presented in the international museum retrospective Diane Arbus Revelations which was organized by the SF Museum of Modern Art in 2003. Underneath each book and selected photographs is a description of the individual item.

This is a nice use of the accordion format to document a particularly linear strcuture with the added appeal of sneaking a look at what kinds of books & photographs this distinguished photographer felt worthy of collecting and preserving. Tucked into the back cover is a booklet that contains a detailed bibliography of all the books in this publication.

Thirty-one pages at 7" x 11" each, with an extended width of 28' 5"

Partial view of the book

The opened book is titled "Perspective of Nudes, Bill Brandt."
The caption for the center photograph is "Allan Arbus 8 x 10 film test on Diane Arbus, circa 1949."

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