Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Nico Fremz, Kama Foutraque, Le Dernier Cri, Marseille, 2022, ed. 150

Another wild accordion both technically and creatively from Le Dernier Cri. This book is comprised of two accordions each of them attached to either the right or left sides of the cover, so that when you open up the book in its middle you have two separate accordions that can be unfolded independently of each other. When fully unfolded these two black and white screen printed accordions measure a combined total of 15.5 feet (4.7 metres). 

Once both accordions are opened up the work reveals itself to be one long pornographic frieze that takes the Kama Sutra as its model, but detourns it to create a very different message — one that is populated by numerous men, women and animals engaged in a huge range of sadistic, onanistic and butt & pussy penetrations to name just a few of the things that are going down. Despite all of this, one has to admire Fremz's lively illustration & comics style and the huge number of actors & activities he's been able to cram into these pages!  

The reverse side of the accordion is one long drawing of a brick wall, suggesting that this twisted psychotic orgy is taking place in some kind of walled off and private space.

Each accordion is 6 double-sided pages, with individual pages 11" x 15.5", and when one is unfolded it is 7' 9", and with both of them the length is 15' 6".

the reverse side of the accordion with its brick wall

when opened in the middle you can see the two separate accordions on the left & right

accordion on the left

accordion on the left

the last page of the accordion on the left and first page of the accordion on the right

both accordions with two pages open

the accordion on the right with 2 pages open and the left with one page

back cover

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