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Leporello #12-22, Arena-Dottir, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009

the boxed set

A boxed set of 11 accordions/leporellos published by Leporello a marketing agency based in Copenhagen with each work being a collaboration between members of the Danish art and literary scenes. Although I could find no further information about these collaborations, I'm assuming the visual artists did the front and a writer contributed the texts that are typically on the reverse side. I have previously reviewed the first edition of this publication featuring #1-11 (2005) [see: Thomas Seest (ed), Leporello #1 - 11].

For more information about Leporello ("Leporello Business Solutions, We call it B.S. for a reason"), see: leporello.dk

The leporellos address all sorts of different subject matter, however I was not able to understand the Danish texts, so for me I could only experience the visual aspect of each accordion and their quality seemed to fluctuate somewhat. Nevertheless, this is a worthy project and anything that promotes collaboration between different sectors of the art community interests me!

Each accordion is comprised of 12 double-side pages, with individual pages measuring 4" x 3", and when fully opened the leporellos are 3 feet long.

note: click on images for larger versions

the eleven leporellos

#12: Nina Sos Vinther/Thomas Andersen

#13: Lars Skinnebach/Kristin Eiriksdottir

#14: Aleksa Okanovic/Birgitta Lund

#15: Christina Wendelboe/Ebbe Stub Wittrup

#16: One Horslev/Kasper Bonnen

#17: Maria Wandel/Martin Larsen

#18: Lars Frost/Rose Eken

#19: Seimi Norregaard/Morten Schelde

#20: Morten Sokilde/Trine Boesen

#21: Helle Hojland/Thomas Seest

#22: Lene Andersen/Ulrik Heltoft


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