Sunday, April 9, 2023

Karl Young, sub super cross and inter linear to...., nd

A rather simple looking letter-sized piece of paper folded four times that belies the complex construction of this language/text work and the different ways it can be read. With texts on each page that require the reader to read it both vertically as well as rotating it to the right and the left in order to read the texts printed along these two axis.  Additionally, the perforations on the back and the reproductions of postage stamps on the front make explicit the works connection to communication and networking.

Karl Young (1947-2017) was an important poet, printer, publisher, writer, co-founder of Woodland Pattern in Milwaukee, editor of Kaldron (1976-1990) an early journal of visual poetry and language art, amongst many other accomplishments in the field of visual poetry and beyond.

5 pages, double-sided, individual 8"x2.25" and when fully opened 11.25".

reverse side with texts to be read in the mirror

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