Thursday, April 27, 2023

Jim Bertolacini, Jimmyfofingas, Madison, 2023, ed. 1, and Andrily Liashcuk, Tamara Turliun & Chantal Rems, One Day You Will Grow Back Your Thumb, 2022, ed. 500

I never thought I would be posting on this blog two accordions that take as their subject matter missing digits, in the case of Bertolacini its his first forefinger that he lost to cancer, and for Liashchuk its a thumb he lost while crafting wooden birds to sell in support of the Ukrainian war effort.

Bertolacini dealt with his loss by good-humouredly taking 'Jimmyfofingas' as his artistic nomme de geur and he's used this moniker to promote his artistic career as well as a positive way to forge his new identity as a 'four fingered' person.

For Liashcuk, his loss has incurred a humorous search by his friends for a prosthetic replacement for his missing thumb. On the back of each of the perforated cards is a description of the nondescript objects and collage elements used to replace his missing member. 

Humor seems to be the common element to both these artists' accordions and I can well imagine how 'humor' is a necessary aid in getting through this kind of traumatic event. Bravo to both of these brave artists who've turned their 'loss' into a gain, and produced these singular accordion books for all of us to enjoy!

reverse side

back page

6 double-sided pages, individually 5.25" x 4.75, and when unfolded 2ft 4.5"

back of accordion

14 double-sided pages, individually 4" x 3", when fully open 3ft 6".

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