Friday, April 28, 2023

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A small blank accordion that I came across in this great store in Manhattan called Kinokuniya which carries an incredible array of Japanese related products from paper, writing instruments, books and much more, I'll let the statement on their web statement spell it out: 

"We have a  wide range of English books including literature, Art, Children's books, business books, etc. Our New York store’s main floor is dedicated to books in English. We also feature a large stationery section in basement that includes authentic Japanese products. On the 2nd floor, we have a fine selection of manga in both English and the original Japanese, graphic novels, anime goods and toys as well as a cafe.  The store also periodically hosts signing events by writers, notable artists and creators."

If you ever are in the vicinity be sure to visit this really cool store thats crammed to the ceiling with great stuff! Here's a link to their website: Kinokuniya Store Locations — Kinokuniya USA

22 pages, individual pages 6" x 4", and when fully open 7ft 4".

back cover

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