Sunday, February 12, 2023

Stephen Perkins, Mining the Archive: Subspace Works and Artists' Accordion Books, Watrous Gallery, Madison, Feb. 10 - April 9, 2023

Back: Sophie Smallhorn, A Book of Postcards, Circle Press, London, 1999, ed. 1000 
Front: Richard Long, A Walk Past Standing Stones, Coracle Press for Anthony d'Offay, 1980

the installation begins

I'm having a one-person show at this cool downtown Madison art gallery. One half of the show consists of 5 exhibits I've curated for my home-based gallery Subspace, and re-installed here in the Watrous gallery, with two of them being shown for the first time. For more about Subspace see: subspace gallery

The other half of the gallery is taken up with an assortment of 29 artists' accordions, all of which I have reviewed in this blog. This exhibition was cancelled for a couple of years due to COVID, so I'm really happy to see it installed with an opening reception on Friday, Feb., 17, 6:30-8:00pm with a talk by me at 7:00pm. Thanks to the Watrous staff for such a smooth installation!

Girls, Girls, Girls: all woman show, Subspace, Madison, 2017/2023

Anne Perkins: Needlepoints (2019-2022), premiering at the Watrous Gallery, 2023 [works created during the COVID lockdown by my 97 year old mother

examples of Anne Perkins' needlepoints

Bodyworks: artists working with the body, Subspace, 2018/2023

Ian Hamilton Finlay: Printworks from Wild Hawthorn Press, Subspace, 2020/2023

101 Artists' Postcardspremiering at the Watrous Gallery, 2023

Simon Cutts, pli selon pli, Coracle Press, Tipperary, Ireland, 2014, ed. 2

Top: Anish Kapoor, Sketchbook, Editions Dilecta, Paris, 2011
Bottom: Roy De Forest, A Journey To The Far Canine Range And the Unexplored Territory Beyond Terrier Pass, Bedford Arts, San Francisco, 1988

photo courtesy Watrous Gallery

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