Monday, February 27, 2023

Anouck Boisrobert & Louis Rigaud, in the forest, Tate, London, 2011/2020 and The Acrobat Family, Little Gestalten, Berlin, 2019

in the forest, 2011/2020

Even though this blog is concerned with accordions only, every now and then in my researches I come across other folded books that are just too interesting not to post about, and these two wonderful pop-up books by the duo Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud fit that bill.  

Both Boisrobert and Rigaud were born in Paris in 1985, and are graduates of the Decorative Arts School in Strasbourg. Since their first pop-up book collaboration Popville (2011), they've created at least four others including the two covered here.

in the forest tackles the issue of deforestation and it dramatically illustrates how this takes place, and then shows the subsequent process of reforestation. One unique feature of this book is that there is a sleeping sloth hanging out in the forest in each two page spread, and readers are invited to try and find it! This is a beautifully constructed pop-up accompanied with a powerful educational story for younger audiences.  12" high, and 6" wide, with 12 pages. [note: for better viewing click on images]

The second book in this post, and the most recent is The Acrobat Family (2019), and it comes in a triangular format which works so well with the verticality of the acrobat's art. Once again the construction is exquisite as this family of acrobats is introduced to the reader, and as they climb higher and higher, only to be bested by the cat at the top, before the great fall!  16" high, 6.5" at the base with 16 pages.

guess who's sleeping in the last tree left...


back cover


The Acrobat Family, 2019

Ginger, the world's strongest cat demonstrating his prowess


back cover


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