Monday, November 21, 2022

Picasso Gaglione, A Accordion Book, self-published, Knoxville, 2022

My mate Picasso Gaglione has been sending me a bunch of his DIY accordions over the last year or so, and some are more wacky than others (search this blog!). But this one combines a photograph of us both from when I visited Picasso in his lair deep in the Knoxville countryside, and I'm assuming he must have been showing me the latest issue of his artists' periodical Stampzine. To participate in this cool rubber stamp assembling zine, see below for submissions info: - Posts | Facebook

And then with the flick of a wrist the attached accordion comes to life. Nice one, Picasso!

6 single-sided pages, size 1" x 1.5", and when unfolded 9".

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