Sunday, November 20, 2022

Béatrice Coron, Excentric City, Editions des Grandes Personnes, Paris, 2014

In life as in cut-out paper, everything hangs together.
Quote by Coron on inside back cover

A really wonderful paper cut accordion from this well known and prodigious French artist who's published a large number of books featuring her cut paper works, as well as public art installations, animated films, and numerous solo & group exhibitions. Each page of this book is composed of narrative bands all telling different stories about the people and their varied activities in this 'excentric city' — all in the exquisite detail that Coron's work is known for.

Here's a good statement from Coron's website about her work and what's she trying to do with it:

"For the past 20 years, I have been exploring visual storytelling in artists' books, paper cutting and public art. Collecting memories from individuals and communities, I stage narrative allegories in silhouette to create a dialogue with the viewer in playful fantasies. 

These visual chronicles record archetypal stories that transcend time and space. My goal is to invite the public to pause and bring their own ideas finding personal interpretation to reclaim their imaginative powers.

My personal history fueled my curiosity for stories and questioned my perception of realities. I have been fascinated by the relation of people to their space and the sense of belonging. Using papercutting where everything is cut from a single piece of Tyvek, the profusion of individual stories make a coherent whole world." []

12 single sided pages, each 11" x 7.5" and when fully opened 7ft 6". Here's a link to another of Coron's works on this blog: accordion publications: Béatrice Coron, Excentric City, Editions des Grandes Personnes, Paris, 2014

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