Sunday, August 21, 2022

Květa Pacovská, Unfold/Enfold, Chronicle Books, 2004

book with wraparound cover

the accordion with front and back cover boards

Another wonderful accordion by this Czech artist, illustrator and graphic designer who's well known for her children's books. Follow this link to another book by Pacovská in this blog: accordion publications: Květa Pacovská, Couleurs du Jour (Les Grandes Personnes) [The Big People], Editions des Grandes Personnes, Paris, France, 2010

Each spread of paired pages presents some kind of visual and tactile surprise, and they are often accompanied by Pacovská's different varieties of play with the pages including cut-outs and assorted moving parts that spring out when the pages are opened. I wish I had been exposed to a book like this when I was a kid!

48 double-sided pages, individual pages 10.25" x 9.5", and when fully open 38ft.

upon opening the book the reader is invited to "make yourself small 
and enter here" — into the hexagon hole cut into the first page

reverse side of the book

back of book with wraparound cover

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