Sunday, July 3, 2022

Irene Berra, Interregnum, Vol. 1, Netherlands, 2020

This is just a delightful accordion with its superior technique & packaging, but also the theme of "interregnum" seems to reflect upon something about the present time and our larger global moment. In times of crisis people come together and help each other, and this is the positive spirit that pervades this beautiful book. I can't help but think that this book is also a response to the Covid epidemic as well. 

Berra had planned this work to have 3 volumes, but admits she's been distracted by other projects. Either way, I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing the 2 new volumes!

Originally a watercolor work, this accordion is printed on a textured paper that gives you the feeling of the original paper itself. Berra describes herself as "an illustrator rooted in Italy and planted in the Netherlands."

Here's a link to Berra's website:  and a link to an animation she made about the accordion: Interregnum Vol. I (Short Animation) on Vimeo

14 pages double-sided, individual pages 5.5" x 4", and when unfolded 4ft 8".

work's slip cover

front page

reverse side

back of accordion

back of slip cover

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