Thursday, March 31, 2022

Jonathan Monk, Meeting #13, Book Works & Yvon Lambert, UK & France, 2000, ed., 10,000

the envelope the work came in

A smart accordion by this Brit neo-conceptualist artist based in Berlin. The publishers blurb for this work states: "Meeting #13 is one in a series of text works by Jonathan Monk. In this series, the artist attempts to organise meetings somewhere in the world. We are given the details of a meeting - the place, date and time, nothing more. This basic principle and structure always remains the same throughout the series. The invitation to meet is potentially open to an audience of 10,000 (the edition), more like a rally or demo than a brief encounter. What will happen? Who will be there?."

I love the humor in this work, check out his other work on this blog People Looking at Art (2021): accordion publications: Jonathan Monk, People Looking at Art, Fifth Syllable, UK, 2021, ed. 50

8 double-sided pages, individual pages 4" x 5", and when opened up 3" 4".

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