Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Dogan Surek, Real Time, lino-cut, 1998

Always nice to find a Surek accordion, check out the others in this blog. This is a rather intriguing one, however, I'm finding it hard to decipher. The red band from California to Thailand on pages 3 & 4 covers a total of 18 times zones, with 9 hours on either side of the Greenwich Mean Time line. And then there's the book's title printed across another four pages, with another four pages in the latter part of the book filled with images that would seem to take the viewer into the larger galaxy beyond our world. The backwards title introduces another indecipherable clue as to the book's theme. If any readers can help me with this please respond at the end of this post!

12 single sided pages, individually 5.75" x 4", and when fully open 4ft.

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