Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Carol Chase Bjerke, WALLS and TOUCH/STONES, offset printing, 2014.

I was pleasantly surprised to find these two beautiful accordions by Carol Bjerke, a local book artist here in Madison. An added touch in their production is the nod to the photo travel souvenir accordion, with its folding cover and lines, readied for the address, and the stamp (as per the example I've included at the end).

I'll let the artist speak for herself about her intentions and spirit in which these two works were created:

"These books were done as part of the TOUCH/STONES series about some of the things people do with stones. A person picks up a stone and places it on a stone, and there is evidence of their having been at that place. All images were made on the Aran Islands, County Galway, Ireland. The accordion postcard format is patterned after a traditional photo travel souvenir - also evidence of a person having been at that place.


Cairns, Postcards, & Other Marks from the Journey

TOUCH/STONES is about the point of contact. A connection. A person picks up a stone and places it on another stone, and there is evidence of their having been at the spot. A cairn on a granite mountain. A wall on a limestone and shale island. A tomb, a portal, a stile. A ritual, an offering, a game, a path.

As I sat on a granite outcrop after hiking to the top of one of my favorite mountains in New Hampshire, my gaze moved from a breathtaking 360-degree panorama to focus on the stone trail markers nearby. Marks left by those who went before to indicate the path for those who would come after. These cairns have been part of my life since childhood, images engraved in my mind together with protocol for safety and etiquette along the hiking trail. On this particular day with my camera hanging from its strap around my neck, I thought to capture the cairns on film. But as I studied the magnificent structures, assembled and reassembled over time, they seemed to call for a more meditative approach. I reached in my pack and found a pen. The only papers were some artist postcards, souvenirs from my last museum visit. So be it. Intent on pursuing my current motive, I spent the next hour or so making contour drawings of several of the stone formations, ignoring the postcard imprints already occupying the paper surface. Only later did I acknowledge the fortuitous relationship between the lines of my drawings and the lines and text of the postcard layout. Later still did I realize its formal and conceptual potential for the TOUCH/STONES project. A person sends a postcard from a place, and there is evidence that the person was there. The journey extends to far-reaching experiences, and then returns to the studio.

A lesson learned from ancient stones in Ireland has to do with how little contact there needs to be between one heavy piece and another if they are well-placed. In other words, there is a lightness at the point of contact that defies the heaviness of the materials."

Carol Chase Bjerke

the work's envelope

reverse side with address/stamp locations

Both accordions
8 double-sided pages, individual page 5" x 7", and when fully opened 3' 4" x 7".

the work's envelope

reverse side with address/stamp locations

Santa Catalina, California, souvenir accordion with folding flap for mailing, 1939

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