Thursday, December 23, 2021

Richard Hamilton, Mother, photolithograph, Letter Edged in Black Press, New York, 1968

I was really pleased to find a copy of this work by the late great British artist, Richard Hamilton (1922-2011) that was included in the first issue of SMS (Shit Must Stop) a portfolio/magazine published in a series of six issues in 1968 by William Copley and Dimtri Petrov. Here, Hamilton plays with the idea of sending a holiday postcard back home to 'mother,' but with an accordion inserted inside of it that gradually zooms into the blurry silhouettes of two children playing on the beach. On the lower left corner of the card is the title "Sands and Promenade, Whitley Bay," this is a famous seaside resort located on the north east coast of England, and in the county of Northumberland.

Across these 6 wonderful SMS portfolios the editors published original multiples of works selected by each of the 73 artists in the series, and in editions of 2000 copies each. 

Note: in most of the materials related to this work the title is always listed as "A Postal Card for Mother," and yet the title on the back of the card is "Mother." Unless, I find out otherwise this is the title I'm sticking to for the moment!

Card dimensions: 5" x 8", the accordion's eight single-sided pages measure 3.5" x 2.5" individually, and when it's fully opened the work measures 20" in length.

back of card

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