Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Nancy Karp, Memory/Place, self-published, 2018, ed. 50

A rather unique series of accordions that records the choreography of this three-part dance by Karp. The work was performed at the ODC Theater in San Francisco in 2017.

Below is the statement by Karp that is included as a separate sheet inserted into the box: 

"These three leporellos are visualizations of the dance Memory/Place. They represent the patterns made by the dancers in each of the three sections of the work. I devised this scoring method in 1978 to record the patterns of my dances as they developed in rehearsal. The drawings chosen for this edition do not attempt to cover the entire work, but rather key moments from the dance. The drawings have been sequenced consecutively but are not intended necessarily to flow into one another. They illustrate single moments in time." (2018)

Individual accordions: 10 pages single-sided, individual pages 2.25" x 4.5" and when fully open 3' 9".

inside the back cover

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